We are a fully equipped, world class training facility with accommodation and health food restaurant located in Rawai Phuket Thailand.

We are dedicated to helping our guests achieve their goals whether that is fighting, training for fitness or training for weight loss.

We maintain a low student to trainer ratio of no more than 4 to 1 and limit the number of guests staying with us.

This is done so we are able to offer extremely personalized training to each of our guests…

Beginner to Experienced Fighter

If you want to learn Muay Thai in Thailand, we cater for all levels from beginner to experienced fighters. We can provide one-to-one private tuition or group Muay Thai training. Our gym is fully equipped with the traditional thatched roof and 2 boxing rings and is run by some of the friendliest, skilled and experienced trainers in Southern Thailand.
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Workout Routines, Nutrition, Results

Our weight loss packages can help you achieve your goals. Our fully equipped Muay Thai gym, Strength Conditioning area, Bodyfit classes and nutrition plans will ensure you have the best facilities and maximum support from our specialist team. Our programs get very fast results in the shortest possible time. Students commonly experience 10kg weight loss per month.
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Cleanse, Remove Toxins, Lose Weight

For students who wish to detox we have specialised programs incorporating raw uncooked foods, detoxifying drinks and suitable fasting programs that will leave you feeling with a renewed sense of energy. Rapid weight loss and reduction in stomach bloating occurs, and students then often like to continue with our weight loss package to complement the detox program.

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I spent 4 weeks at the camp, and achieved my goal of 10kg weight loss. The staff and trainers at the camp were very helpful in motivating me and I feel they played a major part in my success. My fitness and health improved during my stay thanks to the Bodyfit classes as part of my workout schedule. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Muay Thai sessions and was pleased that the trainers understood that I was not a “fighter” and were willing to create alternative exercises to keep me working. The restaurant serves delicious and nutritious food, and a session with their Nutritionist is highly recommended. All in all I had a wonderful experience at the camp, the accommodation was great, the atmosphere was very welcoming (not macho at all), and I was given all the support possible. I have already recommended the camp to my friends. Thanks again.
Hugh, Australia

24 Hour access to Weights & Machines

We have a fully equipped resistance exercise gym at the camp, available for students to train 24hours a day.
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Modern & Secure with Free WiFi

Our Muay Thai Training camp in Thailand has a wide selection of accommodation to suit any guest budget. At the training camp, we have onsite Deluxe Bungalows, Shared Deluxe Bungalows, Shared rooms with 2 beds, and shared bathroom facilities, and 2 shared houses. Continue reading “Modern & Secure with Free WiFi” »

Serving Organic Healthy Meals

Our Health Food Restaurant, specializes in weight loss & health foods. We offer a full menu of Thai and foreign food at affordable prices including a weekly and monthly meal plan program that can help you save on your food costs.
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Organic, Living / Raw Foods

Nutrition pays a big part in camp training. Looking good is about 80% what you eat, and 20% about the training. Over the years, we have developed many nutritious meals and plans to help you. The use of natural, organic, living and raw foods is paramount to eating healthily.
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Liquid Nutritious Meals

Health Shakes are one of our specialities. We have a wide selection of diet shakes and smoothies using unique blends of ingredients. Each shake has it’s own purpose, whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, recovery, etc…

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Liquid Salads

The Green Smoothie essentially a liquid salad, containing our own unique blend of ingredients which boosts energy, whilst also helping your body burn fat at an increased rate. We are the only camp in Thailand to offer this health shake and it is enjoyed daily by many of our students.
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Green Coconut

Coconut’s are abundant all over Thailand and especially in Phuket. Coconut water is a natural electrolyte which is ideal for post-workout recovery.
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